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What does each item weigh in detail?

We have explained you in a previous post how to pack optimally to have a backpack between 7 and 8.5 kg for a 6 months travel in Asia in this post . Here we would like to give you the details of the grams of each of the items for the trip. The main trick to weigh each item is to use a precision scale such as a Kitchen scale! You will be much more precise and will be able to decide between underpants weighing 45g vs 30g, t-shirts weighing 110g vs 160g, etc. It’s difficult to know that beforehand by just holding them since we cannot determine the weight of object with such precision.

Here you can see a list of all the things we packed for the trip choosing the stuff that weights the less. This might be useful as a reference since we categorized the number of kg that we used in clothing, technology, toiletries, etc.

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What Trixi is bringing for the 6 months trip in details!

And what Èric is bringing for the 6 months:



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