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Mastering the Art of Ultralight Packing for a 6-Month Southeast Asia Adventure

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

But before you set off on a 6 months trip in Southeast Asia there's a crucial aspect to tackle: packing. The challenge? Fitting everything you need into a carry-on bag weighing no more than 7.5 kg (the maximum allowed by the budget airlines). Here are some tips we used for our ultralight packing!

A set of clothes and items for packing minimalist for Èric
Packing list of Èric

This is what Èric will be bringing for the 6 months! Yikes :D I hope it's enough haha

A set of clothes and items for packing minimalist for Trixi
Packing list of Trixi

And this is what Trixi will be bringing during the 6 months trip :D. Someone is more of a digital minimalist ;)

1. Start with the Right Backpack: Invest in a lightweight backpack that’s up to the task. The Osprey Farpoint 40 is light and it opens very easily like suitcase with its compartments and compression straps keeping your belongings organized.

2. Weigh Each Gram: Every gram counts when you're working with such a strict weight limit. Before you start tossing things into your bag, weigh each item individually. Opt for the lightest t-shirts, shorts, and undergarments to make the most of your allowance. You can check this post to see how much each item weighs exactly.

3. Embrace the Climate: Southeast Asia is known for its warm and humid climate. Say goodbye to heavy jeans, sweaters, and thick jackets. Instead, focus on lightweight, breathable fabrics. A thin, windproof and waterproof jacket will come in handy during heavy downpours, ensuring you stay dry without adding unnecessary weight.

4. Versatile Clothing: Choose clothing items that can be mixed and matched effortlessly. Pack neutral-colored t-shirts and shorts that can be combined in various ways to create different outfits. A few dresses or collared shirts can offer a touch of variety for special occasions.

5. Roll, Don’t Fold: Maximize space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This not only prevents creases but also saves precious space in your bag. Plus, tightly rolled clothes are easier to organize and locate.

6. Minimize Footwear: Shoes are notorious for gobbling up space and weight. Wear your bulkiest pair while traveling and pack one additional pair that’s versatile enough to suit different occasions. Flip-flops are lightweight and perfect for beach days.

7. Limit Toiletries: Toiletries can quickly add up in weight. Invest in travel-sized containers or transfer your essentials into smaller bottles. Many destinations in Southeast Asia offer affordable toiletries, so you can restock along the way.

8. Embrace Digital Reading: Rather than carrying a stack of heavy books, load up your e-reader with your favorite reads. Not only does this save space and weight, but it also ensures you're never without entertainment during long journeys.

9. Multipurpose Accessories: Choose accessories that can serve multiple functions. For example, Trixi is taking a Sorong that can be used for many things: beach towel, enter into temples, picnic mat, etc.

10. Wash as You Go: Take advantage of laundry services along the way or do a bit of handwashing in your accommodations. This reduces the number of clothes you need to pack, leaving more room for essentials.

Bonus Tip: Seasonal Wardrobe Hack For those venturing into cooler climates, like Japan and Korea during the autumn months, consider shipping a small suitcase ahead with heavier clothing. Services like DHL can safely transport your off-season items, ensuring you're prepared for all weather conditions without exceeding your carry-on weight limit.

Tip for couples: Travelling with a partner is the perfect opportunity to lighten your loads by sharing certain items.

- Shared Toiletries: Opt for a single toothpaste, saving valuable space and reducing the weight of redundant items. Plus, sharing toothpaste fosters a sense of unity and makes your morning routines more intimate.

- Towel Sharing: Rather than both packing a separate towel, bring one lightweight, quick-drying travel towel that you can both use. Not only does this save space, but it also reduces the number of items you need to keep track of.

- Photography Gear: Coordinate your camera equipment. If you're both photography enthusiasts, share the load by carrying complementary gear. For instance, one partner can bring a high-quality drone and a GoPro for capturing action shots, while the other can focus on a more traditional camera for capturing stills.

- Charging Accessories: Minimize the number of charging cables and adapters by sharing these essentials. Just be sure to pack a multi-port charger to accommodate both your devices.

- Entertainment Devices: Instead of each bringing a tablet or laptop, consider sharing one device for entertainment purposes. This reduces the weight of electronics and ensures you both have access to your favorite shows, movies, and books.

- Medications and First Aid: Share essential medications and first aid supplies to avoid duplication. Be sure to pack any prescription medications in their original packaging, along with a copy of the prescription.

- Guidebooks and Maps: While guidebooks and physical maps might seem outdated in the age of smartphones, they can still come in handy, especially in areas with limited connectivity. Sharing one guidebook or map can save weight and contribute to your sense of adventure.

- Travel Documents: Instead of both carrying printed copies of travel documents, share the responsibility by carrying duplicates and storing them in separate bags. Additionally, consider storing electronic copies on each of your devices.

- Snacks and Snacking Supplies: If you plan to carry snacks, opt for larger packages that you can both dip into. Sharing snacks reduces packaging waste and ensures you're always fueled for your adventures.

- Sunscreen and Toiletries: Share items like sunscreen, insect repellent, and lotions to avoid doubling up on weighty toiletries. Decant these products into smaller containers of plastic that can be closed.


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Sep 05, 2023

Es nota qui és un desinteressat esteticienístic i qui es cuida (ni que sigui els mínims per viatjar "polida")

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