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German food discoveries in Japan

It was a delightful surprise to us to find German food now and then in Japan although the German compared to the Japanes cusine in general is not the most appreciated and sophisticated :D for now, we've found sweet and savory high-carb foods like bread and cake (yum!) to be popular here, especially Baumkuchen, a round cake that has many layers of dough resembling the rings of a tree trunk. In our opinion, the Japanese have mastered the art of making Baumkuchen, having a softer texture than the one we know from Germany which we actually prefer (although the chocolate covered versions from back home are a delight for us around Christmas time!).


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Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Oct 27, 2023

És viatjant quan te n'adones de les bestieses que som capaços de fer per vendre, vendre, vendre a on sigui i al preu que sigui.

Caldria veure si té molta sortida dins del mercat japonès aquest tipus de productes que per a ells, de ben segur que se'ls imposen exòtics. Segur que només de veure i pesar la consistència de l'excel·lent pa ja deuen quedar embafats al Japó.

Oct 30, 2023
Replying to

Totalment! És brutal. Són uns cracks de vendre a Japó. És next level haha.

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