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A Culinary Adventure with Thai Farm Cooking Class

Updated: Jan 26

We did a cooking class day with Thai Farm and we would really recommend it. Thai Farm Cooking class showed us so much about the Thai cuisine and their organic farm. That's what you can expect if you take a tour with them. Let's go to the A Culinary Adventure with Thai Farm Cooking Class:

1. Hotel Pick-up & Check-In: Their green-clad staff awaits you early in the morning, ready to transport you from any hotel in Chiang Mai to their kitchens.

2. Discover the local market specialties: They bring you first to a big local market close to their kitchens to explain the many ingredients that are used in the Thai cuisine. This market has a very nice variety of fruits and vegetables. You can also see some more nasty things like when they take the skin out of the frogs though.

3. Farm-to-Table Experience: Discover the roots of Thai flavors as they guide you through their lush farm. From mango trees to galangal, banana groves to ginger plants, and three types of Thai eggplants, you'll witness the vibrant ingredients that make their dishes truly authentic. They also give the possibility for you to try the green or the red chilies directly by their farm. Here you can see how I reacted after eating the green one! I cannot imagine how I would be if I would have eaten the red one haha.

4. Hands-On Cooking: Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Choose five Thai dishes per person to prepare under the guidance of their skilled chefs. Uncover the secrets of traditional techniques and learn the art of Thai cooking.

5. Culinary Feast: Savor the fruits of your labor as you enjoy a communal meal featuring your creations. Each dish is a masterpiece of your own making, a true reflection of Thai culinary finesse.

Cooking class mango sticky rice

food Thailand

vegetarian food

6. Return to City Center: After a day filled with flavors and fun, we'll return you to the city center between 04.00-04.30 PM. Take home not just recipes but memories that linger on the palate. They also provide you with a nice summary of all the recipes and ingredients used.


  • Price: 1200 Baht per person

  • Inclusions: Choose five Thai dishes, a farm tour, and a memorable cooking experience.

I hope you liked this post ^^


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Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Dec 02, 2023

Fa tot molt bona pinta! Aviam si en tornar ens ensenyeu que realment ho heu après a fer ;-)

Dec 03, 2023
Replying to

haha encantats! Com que t'agrada el picant no passaria res si ho cuinem suposo ;) tot i que aquí és bastant extrem

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