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Foodie guide for Kyushu: what to eat?

Kyushu is a very rich region and has lots of food that we didn't know before arriving here, even after more than one month in Japan. We have recently published a post about the highlights to see there and now we will concentrate in showing you the things to eat at Kyushu since it has many regional delicacies depending on the place at Kyushu you're.

- The Toriten from Oita region.

If you're close to Beppu to visit the hot springs, you should definetely try the Toriten, which is a Japanese tempura style fried chicken. It originated in the Oita prefecture, so it is very popular there. We tried and would recommend one of the best restaurants of Toriten, as well as prawn tempura that we have tried:

- The famous and original Tonkotsu Ramen from Fukuoka.

This is a fun experience on its own because the most famous places of such ramen are the ones in which you can eat alone without seeing the waiters and waitresses. And it's quite an experience to enjoy a burning super tasty soup in such a restaurant.

- The horse Sashimi or chicken Sashimi

This is a famous food in Kirishima and Kumamoto. If your stomach is OK with that I think it's the place to try it since it's famous there and they take a lot of care of the hygene so that you can enjoy it without problems. In our case, I've tried it and I had a little bit of stomach ache the next day, probably because I'm not used to the bacteria.

- The Flying fish from Yakushima

Yakushima is a very nice island with the oldest jungle of Japan being there. It's a small island so it is surrounded by water. Moreover, it has many spieces underwater since it's closer to the tropics. Therefore, you can enjoy many kinds of fish, including the famous flying fish, which is typically served smoked.

- The famous Shochu alcohol from Kagoshima prefecture

This alcohol beverage has between 20 and 25% and is a little bit stronger than sake. It has many different tastes and it originated in Kagoshima. There are many breweries and our host at the airbnb let us try one that had a flavor of Lychee and was really tasty.

- Having a breakfast at a Japanese farm

We stayed at a Bed and breakfast at a Japanese farm and the couple that was hosting us provided us with a really good breakfast where almost everything was from their farm. Afterwards they showed us their farm and even gave us their first black garlick that they were fermenting. It was really tasty and sweet!

- The flowing noodles (Nagashi Somen)

This is also a fun experience. These Japanese noodles are flowing in water when they're served and you need to be really fast to catch them before they get to the end of the bamboo tree where they flow.

- The famous black meats from Kagoshima

In our case, we tried the black pork, which is also famous in Jeju, Korea. It had a good taste but I couldn't tell the difference from a very good pork meat.

We hope you liked this foodie recommendations ^^ Bon profit, guten Appetit, itadakimasu


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