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Coron Super Ultimate Tour Insider Tips

Updated: Jan 26

The Coron super ultimate tour was worth it despite being very popular. It's popular for a reason, mostly because all the stops you go to are really beautiful. We went to 6 spots and each of them was beautiful, especially the twin lagoons viewed from above with the drone, as well as the barracuda lake and Kayangan lake for the super transparent water. This makes it the perfect spot for free diving and there are quite a lot of free diving schools at Coron city. If you would like to learn, I think it's a nice place to see. You can see a little bit of free diving at this location at the end of our Youtube video that summarizes the highlights of the Coron tour. In this post you can also check everything you can do in Coron for a week.

The Coron super ultimate tour Destinations 

  • Kayangan Lake

  • Barracuda Lake

  • Twin Lagoons

  • Beach 91

  • Balinsasayaw Reef

  • Twin Peaks Coral Garden

  • CYC Beach

We would also like to leave you with some Coron Super Ultimate Tour insider tips for when you visit there.

The pick-up at your hotel is around 8 AM but if you get picked-up earlier it's even better because you will be one of the first groups to go to each of the locations and you will have more the feeling that you're not with so many people.

Not all the guides have a good level of English, so if you're not so lucky, you might have to be more careful and ask again if you did not understand the directions of the places where you should Kayak or Snorkel.

Another tip would be to bring your own snorkel gear, or else, rent it there for 150 PHP per person. However, we didn't think that fins were necessary (which are an extra 200 PHP) and we were told before joining the tour that Kayak was not necessary since you can reach the places swimming as well. In fact, in the lagoons, there were so many people renting Kayaks that it was much better to move swimming, although once one Kayak hit against me while swimming, so you should be careful!

Another thing to be careful is basically when swimming back to your boat, be careful because in our case, one of the other boats started moving the boat, directly as we were swimming because he did not see us. This is extremely dangerous, since you can be hit not only by a Kayak but by a big boat. We have a video of the guy in the boat saying sorry to us for not having seen us before... but still not stopping the engine. I still don't know if to upload it since you can see all the details of the boat and the guy who did the mistake...


We think that the tour is worth it, especially if you like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and especially, enjoying beautiful turquoise and blue colors mixed with beautiful rock formations.


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Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Jan 19

És el paradís?

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