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What to do in Coron for One week

Updated: Jan 26

After arriving to Coron from the 4 days 3 nights tour, we have been a week in this island of the Philippines. The first day we just relaxed and the second day we took the motorbike up to Ocam Ocam beach where we stayed for 3 nights relaxing at the beach. Unfortunately, Trixi got the cold that I had during the expedition and she could not do much apart from lying in the bed.

What to do in Coron / Busuanga Islands for one week

1. Get a motorbike and discover the island

We would recommend Jed’s motorbike rental when renting a motorbike since they have motorbikes in good condition, helmets and the prices are pretty good. We got a rate of 500 PHP per day for 3 days and we could enjoy our trip to Ocam Ocam beach, the waterfalls and the way back. 

2. Take a bath in the waterfalls of Busuanga

We took the advantage of having a motorbike and went to visit one of the waterfalls in Busuanga. There were many local people enjoying a bath. The space for bathing is pretty big. 

Bath in Coron

3. Enjoy the tranquility and nice food of Ocam Ocam beach

At Ocam Ocam beach we were staying at a very simple hut, similar to the huts at the camps in the expedition, without aircon and with a very simple shower with only cold water but being directly in front of the sea for just 10€. If you're on a budget, we would recommend that. Otherwise, there are some options for 20-25€ in the missionary houses but you cannot book them online. And the other option at Ocam Ocam is just staying at a resort, but this costs about 160€ per night, which was definitely out of our budget after more than 4 months travelling haha. 

From Ocam Ocam beach you can do several boat day trips to visit beautiful beaches, islands or even a Dugong.

4. Do a day trip to black island

This is an island that is very close to Ocam Ocam beach, just a 25 min boat trip. You can get this trip for 2500 PHP at the cottages where we stayed. Or you can combine it with the Dugong trip to see both things in one day for 7000 PHP to divide between a maximum of 6 people, which is a very good deal. 

The black island has two sea-made caves, with stalactites and stalagmites as well as a subterranean river inside the cave, which is connected to the sea water. 

It also has one of the best beaches of Coron, with really white sand and beautiful turquoise water, it also has a small ship wreck and beautiful coral and many tropical fish in the beach left to the beach where you disembark. The place of the snorkeling is also a beautiful beach with no people between two rocks. You can see more in the Youtube video about Coron at the beginning of this post.

5. Do a day trip to visit the Dugongs (sea cows)

If you’re in Ocam Ocam beach, you can take a boat trip to see the Dugongs. The trip takes about 1h / 1h30 depending on the wind and the waves but it’s definitely worth it because the probability of seeing Dugongs is quite high. They are also in shallow water if you go early in the morning, since the tide is still low. This means you can be really close to the Dugong and observe while they swim gently and they keep eating and eating, understanding where the name of sea cow comes from. It’s really peaceful to see such animals in their natural habitat. 

The bad news is that Trixi could not make it to the day trip because she was very sick and the sea cows are some of her favorite animals :/

6. Dive in Coron, enjoying the famous shipwrecks

Coron has some shipwrecks that are famous for scuba diving and is one of the best places in Asia to do shipwreck diving, which makes it attractive if you like these kind of activities. Since we were recovering from our colds, we skipped the shipwreck but we've heard from others in the 4 days 3 nights tour that it was very nice.

7. Do the super ultimate tour to discover the beautiful Coron rock formations and amazing turquoise waters

We did the super ultimate tour booked via clock but you can do it booking it in almost any accommodation or via the internet very easily. It’s between 1400 and 1800 PHP per person, with food included and a total of 6 stops, including the beautiful twin lakes and rock formations. You can check our separate post dedicated to this tour alone.

8. Visit one of Coron's hot springs

There are two main places to see the hot springs in Coron. One 15 min away from Ocam Ocam beach by motorbike and one 15 min away from Coron city by motorbike. Both are nice but the one close to Coron city is more popular. The road there is a bit bumpy and not asphalted but if you like hot water it’s worth it since the swimming pools are beautiful and the water is really hot, about 41 degrees Celsius. The entrance fee is 300 PHP per person unless you’re a student, which is then 240 PHP per person.

The hot waters are in the middle of a mangrove forest and directly by the sea, making it a nice place for mesmerizing views.

9. Visit the cashew factory

It's in Coron city and you can directly learn how people do the manual labor of separating the cashews, while avoiding the natural acid to be poured on the skin.

We hope you liked this post and it motivates you to do some activities in the beautiful Coron island!



Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Jan 13

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