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Best cooking class in Seoul, South Korea

Updated: Nov 23

We actually did this cooking class because our friends Meri and Alex recommended us to do it but then realized that is actually so high up in reviews of tripadvisor that it's considered one of the top things to do in Seoul!

It was a really fun experience to do this cooking class. The dishes were very classical Korean dishes that we even cooked before in a cooking class in Nürnberg, Germany. But I guess it's nice to start cooking the most traditional dishes to get integrated into the culture

The first thing to do in the class is of course to go to the local market: Mangwon market, which is actually still very traditional and selling vegetables, fish and meat at a very good price. Can you tell the name of the red seafood in the first picture? It's actually typical from Jeju and they eat it raw... tasting similarly to oysters.

Then you go to Junghee Yoon's home to do the cooking. She is really great doing the class and it's very entertaining ^^ It was a great experience!

After a while of cooking you get to have some banchan (side dishes) ready for the bibimbap (rice plate with side dishes)

and of course do the Korean pancake with seafood or vegetables. This is a really fun part because you have to flip it using the pan and from time to time a person makes it fall on the floor. It happened in our class (not by us luckily haha) and it was really funny!

At the end we were having a very nice dinner all together ^^


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