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Things to do in Nara: a paradise for temples and nature

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Nara has some of the most famous temples in Japan, including the seven Great temples, with one of the biggest Buddha statues you can find in Japan!

1.Nara Daibutsu (Todaji temple)

Nara Daibutsu is one of the most famous Buddha statues in Japan.

The temple is one of the biggest wooden temples in the world and it's really impressive.

7.30am – 5.30pm (Apr. to Oct.)

8am – 5pm (Nov. to Mar.)

Admission fee ¥600 (adults)

2. Nara Park

Nara park is huge and it has many beautiful natural lakes, hills and temples. But the most attractive thing of Nara park is the amount of wild deer that are around! There are so many that you can find them inside shops, inside temples and basically everywhere. And they love nuts and leaves! Especially the ones they cannot reach. You can also get a package of "cookies" for the deer for ¥200. They really like these cookies so be ready to have many deer trying to eat them and possibly trying to eat your tourist maps as it happened to us

3. Kasuga Shrine

This Shrine looks small at first sight but it's big and full of different things inside. It has a tree dating more than 1000 years old! It also has a hidden dark room with lighted Japanese lamps that is also very special.

Nara lights

7.30am – 5.30pm (Apr. to Oct.)

8am – 5pm (Nov. to Mar.)

Admission fee ¥500 (adults

4. Kofuku-ji temple

This is also a very famous temple with one of the oldest Pagoda of Japan from 700 dc. We didn't visit it inside because you can see a lot from outside ^^

I hope you like this post! Let us know what you thing and whether you like Nara as well!



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