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Things to do in a week in Raja Ampat:

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

We have previously described the tips on how to travel to Raja Ampat. And here we would like to share with you the best things to do in a week in Raja Ampat. Our trip to Raja Ampat was mostly to relax and discover the nature.

Drawing of a map of Raja Ampat at Two Travelling

1. Snorkel and dive in the famous spots

The famous spots for snorkeling and diving are famous for a reason. We have explored the Fam’s wall, Melissa’s Garden, Cape Kri, Sawandarek village, Jetty Yenbuba and the beautiful sandbanks of Cape Kri. You can do this in a day trip if you're staying in Mansuar as we would recommend when visiting Raja Ampat. We saw so many spieces of marine life. A summary of this super cool day trip is seen in the video below of our Youtube channel.

2. Do a day trip to Piaynemo or Wajag Raja Ampat offers more than just underwater beauty. Consider a day trip to Piaynemo or Wajag to explore the stunning karst limestone formations, beautiful landscapes, and captivating views. Piaynemo's "Mini Wayag" viewpoint provides exceptional views of karst islets rising from the turquoise sea, while Wajag, an uninhabited island, is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on pristine beaches. These spots are a paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts, providing excellent photo opportunities. If you go out of the main season as explained here you can even be there alone with just the guests of the hotel.

3. Pick a nice accommodation where you can also snorkel and relax where you have all the food included. The prices of such an accommodation go from 50€ to 100€ and even more of course if you want something more of a luxury. For the details on the recommendations you can check this page. But we would actually recommend a lot staying with Nyande (costing 80€ per night). You can check the following video for what you can expect on this accommodation (I'm currently working on adding an affiliation link via Agoda since it was the most economical option and then you can book it with that link and help us grow):

4. Do a liver-board if you are into diving

Raja Ampat is world known for diving. If you take a day trip for diving with Soul divers or Tarzan diving, which are the most popular choices, you will go with a very small boat, which makes the ride to some of the destinations rather uncofmortable because of the big currents and waves you can encounter in Raja Ampat. On the day that we were diving and snorkeling it was really wavy and the snorkelers didn't have a guide. They didn't even have a life vest in the boats ... which can be a bit dangerous with such a sea condition.

Trixi was doing snorkeling and Èric was mostly diving. The dive spots near Melissa's Garden are really beautiful with many sharks and many many different corals. The sea is full of live, we saw twice dolphins from the boat for example.

However, we would rather recommend to do a liver-board or do diving with a bigger company than the ones mentioned above if you want to have a more comfortable and secure diving experience.

Èric scuba diving at Two Travelling

5. Enjoy the local food

The accommodations provide local food with a focus on fish, which is of a really good quality since it's freshly fished in the protected waters of Raja Ampat. The food at our accommodation was really good with fresh fish from the day and they offered every day vegetarian alternatives for Trixi that were very tasty as well.

Two Travelling picture of local Indonesian food in Raja Ampat



Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Oct 02, 2023

És preciós tot plegat i des d'internet el mar no és salat, no hi ha boes, ni pudor de menjar, ni mostquits. Please! més imatges i sort en el proper destí 😍

Oct 02, 2023
Replying to

Moltes gràcies! És veritat haha és pràctic des d'internet. Ja tenim ganes del proper destí 😍

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