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Our experience of flying low-cost on 12 h flight with Scoot

Oh dear scoot haha. I mean it was a great deal to go with scoot. We had to go to Berlin for that but it was worth it. Especially, getting the train from Deutsche Bahn 6 months in advance costed 17.9€ for a 3h ride with a train from Nürnberg to Berlin instead of 115€ if we would have bought the tickets the same day. This together with 270€ was adding up to 290€, which was a pretty decent price to go to Asia with a direct flight. The price to pay on top however was flying with scoot. It’s the cheapest airline of Singapore airlines and it’s really quite a lot like ryanair. You basically need to pay for almost everything except for breathing.

Even for the sockets you have under the seat yes.

And for the wifi 5 US$ for 20 MB haha you can almost not send pictures with that :D

Apart from this there is a huge turn-off policy! You’re NOT allowed to bring food or drinks on board. Even water! I mean no one checks the bags but it’s pretty uncomfortable to have to eat and drink secretly with somewhat the feeling that you’re doing something illegal. For a flight of 13h it should not be allowed to have this policy. Everyone should be able to get a glass of water at least for free.

As a summary:

If you are travelling on a budget it’s nice that Scoot offers direct flights from Europe to Asia for such competitive prices but you should be prepared with what is coming. I mean, at the end paying for a menu on board is not worth the hundreds of euros of difference to non-low cost companies but it always depends on your balance between budget and luxury :)


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