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Khao Yai National Park Guide From 2023 on

The Khao Yai national park is reachable from Bangkok or Ayutthaya by train or by minivan. It's a national park with some beautiful waterfalls and a lot of wildlife. But the park is so big that it's not so easy to spot the wildlife. The things you will probably see are monkeys and big deer since they are almost everywhere, even at the road where you will drive.

The most popular animals are elephants and hornbills but these two are more complicated to spot. We were lucky to see the latest one but for the elephants we only saw their droppings.

Important things to know before going, a Khao Yai National Park Guide From 2023 on

  • Price / How can you visit it? There are mainly 4 options, one is by doing a day tour from Bangkok (120€), another one is by hiring a private driver (between 4500 and 7000 THB per person per day), renting your own car (1200 THB per day) plus paying the park fee (400 THB per person + 30 THB per car) or renting a motorbike (300 THB per day) plus the park fee.

  • Almost no English at the information center + information on the website is not clear: It's difficult to get useful information at the website of the national park. They say the park closes at 18h but it's not true! It's only the last entrance to the park. You can leave later. There is even the option of doing a Night Safari at 19h or at 20h for 1h costing 600 per car. We've heard that very often you don't see any animal since there are quite a lot of cars searching for animals for 1h and they are noisy and with many lights so the animals of course go away from that.

  • Opening hours: The park is open for entrance from 6 AM to 6 PM but you can stay longer than that if you do any activities inside and leave after 6 PM.

We saw quite a lot of monkeys and some deer, especially near the parking place. The monkeys are a bit aggressive searching for food as soon as you leave your car with food. So you should be careful not to bring food anywhere when you go for hikes.

monkey eating a watermelon at two traveling

monkey couple at Khao Yai national park

Apart from the monkeys, the park has beautiful waterfalls.

Biggest waterfall central Thailand Khao Yai national park
Khao Yai national park waterfall
Trixi looking at Khao Yai national park waterfall

You can also encounter huge deer everywhere, even close to where people are camping!

Deer at Khao Yai national park

Deer at Khao Yai national park

The national park has also opportunities for nice views such as this 15 min walk at Pha Diao Dai cliffs

Dai Cliffs at Khao Yai national park

or this lake by sunset

sunset by the lake at Khao Yai national park

Sometimes the monkeys try to enter into your rental cars...

Monkey on top of rental car at Khao Yai national park

and some times they just have fun in the middle of the road :D

Monkeys having sex in the middle of the road at Khao Yai national park

to make these cute little baby monkeys

Baby monkey

We were quite lucky to see a hornbill as well!

Hornbill at Khao Yai national park

I hope you liked our post :D The next posts are going to be more about diving and snorkeling at Thai islands!



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