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Japanese Toilets: A Tech-Infused Bathroom Revolution, how to use them?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Welcome to the future of bathroom tech! Japanese toilets have turned the ordinary into extraordinary, making the daily bathroom visit a high-tech adventure. At the beginning it's a bit overwhelming but with the time you'll be in love with such toilets and you will want one at your place. It actually happened to us after 6 weeks there haha

We've prepared a video on how to use the toilet. For now it's in Catalan with subtitles but we'll update it with an English version soon

  1. Warm Welcome: No more chilly seats. Japanese toilets greet you with a cozy warmth, turning your morning routine into a spa-like experience. In some of the most advanced toilets you can decide what temperature you would like your behinds to have.

  2. Disco Vibes: Forget boring bathroom lighting. Japanese toilets come with LED lights, turning your toilet bowl into a personal disco – it's a party with every visit!

  3. Musical Thrones: Elevate your bathroom soundtrack. These toilets let you choose from a variety of tunes, transforming your bathroom into a concert hall. These sounds are mostly to prevent the natural noises to be heard from outside of the door.

  4. Bidet and water pressure: The toilet papers are almost no needed because the awesome Japanese toilets offer high-tech bidets with customizable water pressure and temperature settings. It's a spa day for your bottom ^^

  5. Automatic Elegance: No more slamming lids. These toilets open and close automatically, adding a touch of convenience to your bathroom routine.

In a nutshell, Japanese toilets have taken bathroom tech to new heights, blending comfort and innovation for a restroom experience like no other. 🚽🔧✨



Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Nov 14, 2023

hahahahahahahahahahaha. Increibles els japonesos, la higiene i el bon fer tecnològic. Bon reportatge "detallat" i gràcies per evitar les explicacions amb pràctiques!

Nov 15, 2023
Replying to

hahaha moltes gràcies! Va ser una experiència molt divertida en general. És una cosa que ja trobem a faltar a Corea

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