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How is it one day at a Ryokan?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

We've been to one of the nicest Ryokan in Japan, located in Kyushu, next to Mount Aso, which is the biggest active volcano of Japan. This makes it the perfect location for a paradise of hot springs. I hope we can transmit our feelings on how is it one day at a Ryokan with this post.

In that case we were staying at this Ryokan with a private onsen that was open 24h and was directly at the terrace of our room. From there you could see the stars while bathing at a natural bath of about 42 ºC. It was an experience that will remain on our memories as one of the highlights of Japan.

private onsen at a ryokan

Of course, Ryokan (旅館) are famous for being a traditional Japanese inn that is fancy and includes tatami-matted rooms, and communal baths, which means that we were sleeping on the floor at a 5 star hotel. But the floor was actually much more comfortable than expected with the matresses that they provided.

What's also an experience of its own is the dining experience. Dining at a Ryokan is a bit like experiencing a Japanese michelin star. We got 9 different dishes for dinner and tried so many things that we didn't try before during our trip

Eric eating food at a ryokan two travelling

And the following pictures are what we got for breakfast! It was impossible for us to finish everything and eat so much at 8 AM but it was an experience on its own haha

so much food at a ryokan

All this we were eating it at a private room with tatami

ryokan private table


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Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
14 nov 2023

Jo vull viure en aquest espai i menjant "això"

Me gusta
15 nov 2023
Contestando a

Hahaha segur que t'encantaria! Excepte potser l'aigua que està molt calenta

Me gusta
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