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Highlights of Singapore in 4 days

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We've been in Singapore 4 days and a half and we loved it! The city is a beautiful mixture of cultures, especially of Chinese, Indian and Malayan cultures. In fact, most sings are written in 4 languages: Indian, Chinese, Malayan and English.

So after having enjoyed very much our first stop, we would recommend the following Highlights of Singapore:

Hand-drawn map of Singapore with main highlights
Hand-drawn map of Singapore done by Trixi in our trip notebook

  1. Experience the fusion of cultures of Singapore English and Mandarin are heard all the time but when you enter Chinatown you hear Chinese all the time, you hear the traditional Chinese music and instruments together with amateur Karaoke singers. You feel a bit like in China, then you move to little India and you can see the beautiful colors and scents of India everywhere, people eat with the right hand in the restaurants, there are colorful temples with music, basically you feel like in India. And finally, you move to the Malaysian district and you see people wearing Malayan clothes, you see and hear mosques, and can experience their cuisine. We found that mixture one of the most beautiful defining thing of Singapore.

  2. Little India

Figures of an Indian temple in Singapore

3. Chinatown Singapore's Chinatown is a bustling enclave filled with traditional markets, street food, and ornate temples, providing an authentic taste of Chinese culture. We recommend eating Chinese food there, especially in the Maxwell food market.

4. Malaysian muslim quarter

In Little Malaysia, experience the essence of Malaysian culture through traditional attire, authentic cuisine, and the resonance of mosques, all within Singapore's heart.

5. Gardens by the bay (Night and Day) Gardens by the Bay transforms from a serene daytime sanctuary into a dazzling wonderland at night, featuring towering Supertrees and captivating light displays. In our opinion it's worth it to visit it during day and night. Especially during the night shows at 7.45 and 8.45 pm that last for 15 minutes but are so magnificent!

6. Botanical Garden The botanical Garden of Singapore is UNESCO World heritage for a reason. It has so many varieties of plants and flowers from so many different countries. The part with the orchids really impressed us having so many varieties. Especially the cool room of the orchids, in which you can find high altitude orchids such as the ones you find in Machupichu.

But we found something else than just plants :D this little rascal was quite a big lizard going through the park.

7. Free concerts (at Esplanade)

A nice tip is that you can enjoy free concerts on the weekend, from Friday to Sunday in the Esplanade. Some concerts are also outside and you can have a view of the skyline while in the concert.

8. Singapore Zoo (coming ...)

The amount of animals you can find in the Singaporean Zoo is astonishing. It's definitely worth to pay the 48 SDG since it's a Zoo with a nice combination of animals of south east Asia such as the Komodo dragons or the long-nosed monkey. Moreover, the animals seem well kept and it has a lot of shadows, which makes the visit very comfortable. It's home of many Orangutans from both Borneo and Sumatra and it's impressive how smart their look is.



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