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Highlights of Komodo: 5 days in Flores

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Komodo national park exceeded our expectations both in the ground and in the waters. It is a huge area with different islands that is protected as part of the Komodo national park. We stayed in Labuan Bajo, in Flores for the 5 days and were doing different day trips.

Highlights of Komodo

Drawing of Komodo Map

1. Do a day tour or a multi-day tour in the national park

There are many options for trips such as 4 days 3 nights, 3 days 2 nights or even 1 day trip with a speed boat. We heard many people doing the multi-day tours but many said it was overcrowded, especially on the weekends. So we opted for the 1 day tour with the speed boat that goes to 6 destinations: Komodo island, Pink beach, Makassar island, Kanawa island, Manta Point and Pandar.

At the end, the tour of 2 days and 3 days sees the same but spends more time at each place and much more time travelling on the ocean.

Some people opted for the tour of 4 days including the whale shark visit but apparently they feed the whale sharks so that they are there and there are about 60 people swimming with the poor whale sharks together... similar to what we have heard from Cebu in the Philippines.

We booked the 1 day tour with our accommodation and it was costing 1250k per person + 300k for the park fee since it's a protected natural park. But we got to see 3 Komodo dragons, 3 Manta Rays while snorkeling and the beautiful pink beaches and turquoise waters of the islands as well as the very nice landscape of Pandar island (from there we could even spot dolphins and turtles).

Pink beach Komodo

Komodo dragon

Trixi on top of Pandar Island

2. Dive or snorkel at famous dive sites

Èric loves diving and has been doing so since 2009. Komodo was the perfect place to do the advanced course so we did 6 dives / snorkels with a really good company Manta Rhei.

Three people jumping for a dive

Èric Happy after diving in Komodo

The instructor Cristian is Catalan so it was perfect to communicate and understand all the exercises needed for the advanced course. He's a really good instructor and the boat and food of Manta Rhei is one of the best I've seen around the world while diving!

We did two days of diving and we saw really beautiful coral, many turtles (more than 20 in a single day), manta rays from below and from above since Trixi was snorkeling, white tip, black tip and reef sharks as well as many tropical fishes such as the Butterfly, Angel, Scorpion or even the Clown Triggerfish.

Here you can see a summary of what we saw at 6 diving sites :

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3. Enjoy the sunset at the north of Labuan Bajo

If you go 15 minutes north from Labuan Bajo by motorbike or grab you can enjoy a beautiful sunset at some hills near the sea while you can see other islands such as rinca. The place is very beautiful and I think anywhere in that peninsula is nice for the sunset. We went to a point that was marked at Google maps as sunset point and the views were really good

Beautiful sunset in Labuan Bajo

4. Visit the Rangko cave or the waterfalls.

There is a famous cave where you can go inside with a cave but we were told it's quite full of people since it's one of the easy activities to reach near Labuan Bajo. We decided to do a quiet day instead. The waterfalls on the other hand are difficult to be reached with the motorbike and we decided to have a quiet day instead.

I hope you liked the summary of the highlights around Komodo. Feel free to share your thoughts and likes with us :) and you can go at the end of this page if you want to subscribe for more.



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