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DIY Handcrafting batik in the batik factory in Penang

Updated: Feb 2

Do you know that it’s actually possible to DIY handcraft batik directly in the factory in Penang?

Batik is a tainting technique that is supposed to originate in Java, Indonesia. But it’s also popular in Malaysia.

Can you guess, which painting did each of us do before going down until the end of the post?

Which design did Trixi paint?

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  • 2

This has been one of our favorite things to do in Penang so far (check this post to check what else was worth visiting in Penang). We were having breakfast (super tasty roti) at a local place in the west of the island and found out that the Batik factory was really close by (one minute walking) so we decided to give it a look. 

The factory is really active and you can go in for free with a guide from the shop who will show you the different steps and explain to you in very good English how they do each thing. You can see how they do industrial Batik fabric for hotels and restaurants as well as how they do beautiful pieces of art with these techniques. 

man handcrafting batik in penang

batik design factory penang

industrial batik design factory penang

artist performing a design of Batik in factory

Here you can see the process of us painting the batik fabric and you can see whether you were right or not in the poll ;)

The colors that we used for designing our batik
The colors that we used for designing our batik

Trixi finishing the batik painting
Trixi finishing her batik painting

Èric starting his batik painting
Èric starting his batik painting

Trixi painting her design

We hope you liked the post! Let us know if you chose the right answer!

With this post we have published a total of 100 posts already ^^ Thanks for keeping motivating us and following the blog


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Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
30 בינו׳

No l'he encertada però és dos són molt "macos" (no fotem, tanta flor!!!!)

30 בינו׳
בתשובה לפוסט של

hahaha moltes gràcies

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