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First time being present at a tea ceremony

The first time participating at a private tea ceremony is something special! For us it was in Kanazawa, which is a region of the Japanese alps that enjoyed visiting (check our post if you're interested) ^^.

There is a solemnity in this act of the tea ceremony that one cannot describe without living it. There is a lot of respect and silence and many rules are followed perfectly to have the tea ceremony as traditionally as possible. The person who was performing the ceremony for us was wearing a traditional Japanese dress similar to a Kimono and was performing each and every step extremely carefully. Starting from the folding of a napkin to the cleaning of the matcha bowls to the measure of the necessary water to have the perfect matcha, the manual frothing using the matcha whisker until the serving to us. Even the serving was really well-thought. How to put the hands, how to hand it to the guests so that they see the most beautiful part of the ceramic matcha cup.

It was just a beautiful experience. Moreover, we got to do the frothing and the serving to each other ourselves. And in that beautiful matcha place in the middle of Kanazawa


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