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Things to do in 2 Days in Ayutthaya

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Ayutthaya is the old capital of Siam (old Thailand) until the 18th century where it was destroyed by the Burmese. This historic city is full of old palaces and temples that are still kept in quite a good shape. Walking through these ruins gives you a real feeling of being in the past in Thailand, with huge temples being built out of bricks and also old Buddha statues. Here we present you with things to do in 2 days in Ayutthaya.

Most of the accommodations offer the possibility of doing a boat trip surounding the island of Ayutthaya and visiting 3 temples, including the most famous one by sunset. The price is 250 Bhat per person including pick up from the hotel and the tour goes from 15h30 until 18h. It's definetely worth it.

Reclining Buddha seen from an old window at Ayutthaya

Huge temple at Ayutthaya

Big reclining Buddha at Ayutthaya

One day you could do this tour and the other day we would recommend taking a bike and enjoying all the temples in the city center.

Trixi riding the bike  at Ayutthaya

The most famous temple there is the one having the head of Buddha in between a tree that grew up surrounding the Buddha's head

Buddha's head in tree at Ayutthaya

Èric at Buddha's head in tree at Ayutthaya

Most of them are quite different from each other.

Trixi walking in old temple at Ayutthaya

Sunset at Ayutthaya

Apart from this you can see water iguanas in the river!

See iguana at Ayutthaya

We were also lucky during our bike day and happened to be at a temple where people were flying their birds and some of the birds just went on top of our heads.

However, unfortunately also people riding elephants at Ayutthaya. We saw that the elephants were having chains to be controlled and it is popularly known that the conditions they have to do such walks are not good for the animals...

People riding an elephant in Ayutthaya

To compensate the previous photo I will put a nice shot of some Thai bees polinating. They have a different color than common European bees.

Thai Bees getting pollen

I hope you liked this post! Happy travelling and Christmas is getting close ^^


3 comentarios

Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
14 dic 2023

Pot ser que els budes aquests siguin ganduls i és per això que estan tot el dia estirats i són grassos a petar o té alguna altra raó?

Me gusta
Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
14 dic 2023
Contestando a

No hi ha qui s'ho crequi hahahaha.

Me gusta
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