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What to do in Uji, the paradise of Japanese green tea

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

For tea lovers like us, Uji should be a must! It's where the famous matcha originated.

Matcha tea with mouse and hedgehog

Everywhere you go in this small city close to Kyoto you will have the possibility of buying matcha things: matcha tea, matcha cake, matcha ice cream, matcha tiramisú, matcha noodles, you name it! There's even a vending machine with matcha products haha

Matcha vending machine

Moreover, Uji is also home to the famous Uji temple, that has a characteristic long shape and water surrounding it. It's beautiful and it's also so famous that the 10 yen coin and the 10.000 yen bank note has two symbols of the temple itself!

Uji temple with yen coin

In one of the famous tea houses in Uji you can even learn how the different green teas are made, from Gyokuro, through Sencha until Matcha:

Uji factory

Uji matcha grinding

We hope you like this short post about green tea ^^ more will be coming from Kyoto, Osaka and Nara since we're going to be around Kyoto for 10 days!



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