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Tips for visiting the Ritsurin garden as a 1 day activity in Takamatsu

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Takamatsu is the first town you find from Shikoku island coming from Kyoto, but it’s quite a ride with the Shinkansen from Kanazawa. We had bad luck when going there since we made one of the 4 mistakes you can do when using the JR train in Japan. Here we focus on tips for visiting the ritsurin garden!

Ritusrin garden most famous bridge

Takamatsu itself has a castle and a very big garden from the Edo era in Japan. Visiting the garden costs 410 yen per person and is possible from 6:30 AM to 5 PM. You can think of spending about 2 hours at the garden and it's definitely worth visiting. One of the things that is cool to do is to feed the Koi (Japanese carps). There are many of them and the Japanese love doing that. They saw we were excited about it and even shared some of the carp bread with us ^^.

Apart from that you can of course explore the beauty of the garden itself, with many perfectly trimmed Japanese pine trees, some maple trees and several different ponds with beautiful bridges.

Japan has so many different things to offer! Today we're travelling to Kyushu, one of the big islands in the south of Japan ^^ Let's see what our next stop offers!

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