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Tips for visiting Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Mount Fuji 🗻 is a really picturesque mountain that is the most famous mountain of Japan for a reason! It's not so common that you can see such a beautiful volcano growing from the zero sea level! Moreover in October if you're lucky enough you can see it in combination with the beautiful autumn leaves as in the picture below.

Tips for visiting Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Getting there from Tokyo

Getting there is not trivial if you are trying to use your JR pass. You need to either get an express bus that is not included in the JR pass or go to Otsiku with the JR pass and then buy a ticket to Kawaguchiko lake. You can only get the tickets and reserve your seats with the people at the counter of each train station... It's a pity but you cannot do this combination online.

Best time to see mount Fuji

The best time of the day to see Mount Fuji is usually early in the morning or about one hour before sunset when the probability of clouds is generally lower.

I hope you enjoyed this little post ^^ let us know what you think!



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