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Thanks for inviting us to our first tea

I would like to thank you a lot to everyone following the website and especially to the person that invited us to our first tea. We took a Masala tea at one of the best Indian restaurants I've ever tried: Komala Vilas in little India. It's really popular among locals but it's worth to wait 5 minutes at the line. Èric bought a Samahan tea because he had a sore throat because of the exaggerated cold temperature of the inside of the buildings in Singapore :D Samahan tea contains a lot of spices and it's useful when you have cold-like symptoms (thanks to our Neighbor Shayaz for this tip: the woman at the shop asked us "how do you know about Samahan tea?")

Samahan tea for sore throat

Masala tea with a mouse

Street art in Malaysian quarter with Tarik



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