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Siquijor Island 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

Updated: May 28

Siquijor island is one of the best islands in the Philippines in our opinion. You can see so much there for such a small island. All the island is full of nature, from subterranean rivers, to beautiful waterfalls, to caves with water inside, to the best place of snorkeling that we have seen so far from the shore directly.

It's easy to fall in love with this island of the Philippines since you can relax, go for adventures and enjoy mesmerizing views of nature. Moreover it has a little bit more of island vibes than the other ones, where you can see that most of the locals are relaxed and drive quite calmly through the island.

It's a really good place for going out with the motorbike for day tours!

4 days 3 nights Siquijor island itinerary

Here's what we would recommend as the perfect itinerary for 4 days 3 nights in Sqiuijor island.

Day 1 Arrive at your accommodation by ferry

On the first day you will probably arrive in the evening at your accommodation since it's quite a ride to go from Cebu to Siquijor. Everything went really smoothly but you need to do it in several steps that involve 3 tricycles, one bus and two ferries since the more flexible way to travel to Siquijor is via Dumaguette. Flexibility is quite important in the Philippines since often trips get cancelled for several reasons such as weather or sea conditions.

Price: 700 PHP

Time: 6h

You can check this external post for a very detailed explanation of two other bloggers that did the exact same route that we did.

When you arrive at Siquijor you can either get a motorbike at the port or a tricycle to your accommodation. We were staying at Aquamare Glamping resort and even though it's quite far from San Juan, which is the main city with most of the hotels, it's a beautiful glamping accommodation with a swimming pool and in front of the sea. The resort is like a very fancy camping with a tent that has the facilities of a hotel for 35€ the night.

Glamping tent Aquamare hotel

Glamping swimming pool Aquamare hotel

Glamping tent Aquamare hotel

Day 2 Embrace the beauty of the Cambugahay waterfalls and caves

You can use the second day to go for a day of waterfalls with beautiful turquoise water.

These waterfalls are really blue and they form beautiful water formations. There are several waterfalls levels and you can follow the river to see some of them.

They are very popular among tourists and locals and is one of the highlights of Siquijor. The price is just 50 PHP per person and you can then use some of the jumping facilities that they built to have fun jumping in the water for some extra pesos. We didn't do that since we just did the canyoning in Cebu a couple of days before.

Beautiful waterfall Bohol

Beautiful waterfall Bohol

Moreover, this is very close to one of the old cities of Siquijor, which has a Convent (the Lazi Convent) and a church

Girl from the Lazi Convent Bohol

Convent Bohol

Church Bohol

Directly at the garden of the convent there is a huge old tree that looks magical

Beautiful big tree Siquijor

Day 3 Visit the Lugnason waterfalls, Snorkel and relax at the Tubod Marine area

We have been one month in the Philippines and this is one of the best spots where we have done snorkeling. The best is that it's just in front of the Coco Grove Resort, which is also a fantastic resort if you're not on a budget. You can also enjoy their restaurant, which has nice vegetarian options. If you go to the restaurant you can use their beach facilities and do a relaxing and snorkeling day there.

Siquijor beach

The Lugnason waterfalls are also amazing, they are really close to the beach (6 min by motorbike), cost 20 pesos per person and you can walk through the river to explore up to 12 different waterfalls. The color is not as blue as the ones above but there are many less people. We met a tour that was doing jumps in the main waterfall but when we went up the river we were alone and it was really beautiful.

Èric at beautiful Siquijor waterfall

Waterfall jump Siquijor

Day 4 Do a snorkeling / diving excursion to Apo island, one of the best diving spots of the Philippines

If the weather is good you can go to Apo island, which is one of the best diving spots of the Philippines and the second biggest atoll. We would recommend Coco Grove to do the diving excursions. Unfortunately, the weather was not good for us since the sea was very wavy, so the excursion was cancelled during all the days we were there and we couldn't see it. You can expect to see beautiful corals and sea turtles.

Insetad, we went to a butterfly sanctuary, in which you can support the locals that take care of the sanctuary with an entrance of 100 PHP per person.

Beautiful butterfly Siquijor

Beautiful butterfly Siquijor

Beautiful caterpillar Siquijor

Cacoon at butterfly park Siquijor

We hope you enjoyed this post as well. The next stop is Bohol after flying to Malaysia ^^



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Bernat Lluch
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