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Save money by comparing hotel providers: Booking, Agoda, Expedia...

One of the main tips to save up to 50% of travel costs when planning a world travel was to compare prices when booking hotels and in this page we will explain more in details how to do so.

First, use the king of data, google, to retrieve the information you need. Select your dates, number of people travelling, filter by rating and set up the budget you want to respect. For example, for budget travelling we are searching for spending no more than 30€ per night in the majority of countries in Asia except for Singapore and Japan.

Then you can search in the map to see your top matches with your filters (e.g. 4+ stars) and click on them to see, which of the hotel providers offer the best price. By default you will only see the sponsored ones, the hotel providers that pay more money to Google so be sure to click on see all options:

Click on see more options and you see that the best option in that case is Agoda:

Then, select the cheapest option and if doesn’t appear on the list, I would recommend checking the price of the hotel in as well since we found out that it was often the cheapest option amongst all of them and that sometimes it was not appearing on google maps.

Moreover, Google lets you know whether you’re paying a good price or not for your dates, which can help you to find the perfect moment to book the hotels like in the case of google flights (you can see this post on how to save with flights).

For example we booked a 4-star hotel with breakfast and some of the best views to the Marina Bay with an infinity pool in Singapore for 120€ (affiliate link to hotel here) the night via instead of 270€ on on the same day. We also booked a 3-star hotel in the center of Tokyo for 50€ the night via expedia (with this affiliate link you can help us continue the blog) instead of paying 180€ the night for booking on the same day.

These are pretty nice examples but we did that for each of the single bookings and even if we were paying 20€ instead of 30€ for a night in Bali, all the prices add up when doing such a long trip. Have a nice Saving!



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