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Our most essential items for a 6 months trip

After having travelled for almost 3 months, we know our favorite items that make the 6 months trip easier, more entertaining or even healthier.

Since now black Friday is approaching, we thought it would be nice to summarize the items here and in case you’re interested in some of them it would be really good if you use the links we put on the website since we will get a commision from Amazon that will help us grow the website and continue the trip.

Let's present you our most essential items for a 6 months trip


  1. The sleeping mask:

This is one of the best investments (10€) we did for the long trip! This mask is very comfortable and makes everything super dark. It doesn’t matter if we sleep at hostels or at hotels where there are no curtains. It adapts perfectly to the size of the face for both Trixi and Èric.

  1. The earplugs: 

The next object that is making our nights better and have much more energy at night are good earplugs such as the ones from Ohropax, which adapt pretty well to the ear and block up to 30 dB. I would recommend having a couple of them at your bedside because depending on the movements at night they may fall off.

  1. Sunglasses: 

This is quite important when there are so many hours with sunlight in countries such as the ones of SouthEast Asia. I would recommend Ipizi sunglasses because they’re quite cheap, comfortable and they protect well from UV.

Easy Travelling

  1. Teva shoes (with padding)

This is one of the best objects for travelling. They are trekking sandals that really adapt well to the feet. It’s important to note the padding because we first ordered the ones without padding and it was creating blisters. Luckily enough we tested them for a couple of days before our trip started to change them for the ones with padding.

These are the ones that Trixi is wearing.

These are the ones that Èric is wearing

  1. Osprey backpacks:

We have decided to wear backpacks that are having less than 40L of capacity so that we don’t have any problem having them as carry-on and avoiding extra costs when flying as well as being practical and limiting the amount of things we can carry to keep with minimal lightweight travel.

Trixi’s backpack is taller and quite beautiful with a capacity of 36L + 5L:

Èric’s backpack is more round and very practical since it opens like a suitcase with a capacity of 40L

  1. 10 L bag for day tours:

We both bought a 10 L bag. We used to have the 5L bags from Decathlon but these ones are much more robust, have more capacity and are water repellent.

Some travellers have told us that they really liked our day bags. We bought them directly from amazon

  1. An international eSIM (actually 2):

We are travelling with eSIM cards, which work in many countries, are cheaper than normal SIM cards and you don’t need to worry about changing SIMs when changing countries. We would recommend a nomad SIM card for internet (20GB for 45 days for 20€ in Asia) and Ayralo for internet and calls (120 min and 20 GB for 1 year worldwide for 70€)

Entertainment and photography:

  1. A high power Watt with several plugs

In many hotels you might have only one socket or two, which makes it very impractical if you’re carrying several electronic devices such as a laptop, drone, phones, smartwatches, etc. So having one plug with different USB ports that has many Watts of power allows you to charge fast several devices simultaneously.

  1. The lightest laptop:

The lightest laptop that we can buy in Europe and has a very decent power capacity and memory RAM as well as a beautiful OLED screen is the Samsung galaxy notebook. The 3 is out but you can get the 1 for about 750€on Amazon. That’s the one we’re using for all the blogging, video editing as well as watching movies and series from time to time. It has been extremely useful for bureaucratic procedures or check-ins that were only possible with a laptop! I bought it second hand for 420€ and it weighs only 870g.

  1. The drone (under 250g):

We would recommend getting a drone that is less than 250g since it’s much easier to fly it while respecting regulations in the majority of countries we’ve been to! Moreover it’s super light so you can carry it in your backpack without problems. We’re using the DJI mini 3 since it can record in 4K and take pictures with 48 Megapixels but it’s much cheaper than the pro and the DJI mini 4. It works really well, even when the wind has been pretty strong! In case of strong wind it’s important to put it in sport mode to contrast the power of the wind however.

  1. The GoPro:

We’re currently using the GoPro 11 since it offers 5K shooting and 4K with a very high slow motion, which allows for amazing underwater photography. Apart from the GoPro, we’re using the official GoPro case to be sure that we can dive deep with it.

  1. The camera:

We’re very happy with our camera, which was recommended by Èric’s uncle, who is an amateur photographer with some years of experience. It’s very versatile and has many options of playing with photography such as the possibility of bulb shutter speed, hdr or 24 Megapixels pictures by combining several shots, apart from weighing little.

A very nice alternative would be the famous camera for vlogging that we would have maybe bought if we didn’t have the camera. The price for the black friday is pretty good!

  1. The camera objective:

We would recommend the camera objective from Panasonic that combines pretty well with the Olympus EM5 since it is an allrounder objective that works for both macro photography and zooming.

  1. A Kindle:

The Kindle has been really handy since you can read any book in the world on it, while only weighing 100g. Èric has already read 3 books that would have weighed more than 1 kg otherwise. We have the paperwhite but I guess any Kindle would be good.

  1. A deck of cards:

This is a classic but it’s very cool for those times where you’re travelling or getting to know other people in which you can just exchange different game rules from different countries.

  1. A waterproof smartwatch + LTE in case you lose everything:

This is an emergency exit if we ever get robbed while travelling because we will be able to make a call or use the internet from our phone, even if we’re in the water. I would recommend the Samsung galaxy watch 5 since it’s not the latest, the price is lower and it has been working like charm, even when free diving at the ocean. The important thing is to rinse it well after every dive with sweet water.



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