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Next big stop in our sabbatical is Japan

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

sunset picture of two women with Kimono by two travelling

The next big stop in our sabbatical is Japan, which is going to be the longest period in one place and that’s going to be 6 weeks in Japan! Èric was previously a week in Japan and he loved it so now it’s time to explore the country, including many of the remote places such as the Japanese alps, Hokkaido (this island is going to be perfect timing for Autumn because of the foliage and the famous Hokkaido pumpkins), Kyushu (the island in the south of Japan that has volcanoes and hot waters) and Kagoshima (the island even more south that is part of an old jungle and is famous for trekking).

If our stomach gets better we will be visiting the following lake in autumn ^^

Picture of blue pond in Hokkaido in winter

As you can see, Hokkaido can get really cold! Luckily enough we got our suitcase that we sent from Germany with our warm clothes ^^. See this for how to send a suitcase to Japan.

Picture of man taking a suitcase out of a box

For now, we have just landed at Haneda airport, spent one morning there exploring the huge variety of sweets and savory food that you can find there and then moving to Hokkaido where we have already seen some of the differences in culture like having many Mangas and Animes sold everywhere, to having games for winning food or figures from Mangas!

Vending machines at Sapporo

It was a luxury to be able to drink tap water again without worrying about anything and our belly is getting better after day 2 already ^^ We’re flying with the low cost airline Skymark that has a Pikachu drawn on its airplanes. Even our bag has a tag with a Pokeball on it haha. They really like that. We saw Shinchan, Pokemon, Doraemons, Hello Kitty’s and actually many different sweets with such characters represented on them. It looks like Japan is going to be fun!

Huge Doraemon at New Chitose Airport Two Travelling

We got the permit for flying a drone in Japan so maybe we’re going to update you with some aerial videos as well.

Also, Èric practiced the first sentences in Japanese and sometimes it’s fine because the answer is short but whenever they say more things than a simple answer Èric cannot understand what they mean haha. That’s probably the problem of learning with Duolingo and a little bit of Italki :D

Looking forward to updating you with more details on the 6 weeks of Japan!



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