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Most Beautiful Tea Plantations in Thailand

Updated: Jan 26

We’ve explored many tea plantations in the north of Thailand. They are one of the most beautiful tea plantations in Thailand we’ve seen so far. All of them specialize in Oolong tea, which is a tea that’s between green and black tea and is usually not our favorite but the Thai Oolong tea was nice to drink.

The most famous one is called Oolong No.17 in the north east. It tastes stronger than the other Oolongs. Several tea houses produce Oolong No. 17. 

However, the best was the experience of the tea tasting and the views, rather than the tea itself. Whenever you go to a tea shop or a tea plantation that is not huge, you get the chance to try different Oolong teas, black teas, green teas and even mixtures with different flowers, which is a thing in the north of Thailand at least.

Choui Fong plantation

This one is the biggest tea plantation we’ve seen so far in our trip, including the ones of Kyushu or Uji that were very big but quite spread out. In that one we had even some lunch with tea specialties such as deep fried tea leaves or tea powder croissant. 

This is a very popular tea plantation, because we were told it appeared in a movie. It has some lakes and it’s very well prepared with two cafés that have a beautiful architecture. That’s why it’s very popular among locals and it was quite busy.

tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea plantation Chiang Mai

Plantation 101

We discovered that one thanks to a tea shop at the Golden triangle that told us that she bought most of the tea from this provider, which had the tea plantations in the middle of the mountains. We went there and were alone by sunset, which was a beautiful experience since the combination of mountains and tea was very beautiful.

tea plantation Chiang Mai

Trixi at tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea plantation Chiang Mai

Ban Rak Thai tea plantation

That plantation is in a beautiful place at the border of Myanmar and usually people do it as a part of the Mae Hong Son loop. It’s very photogenic and everything in this town is related to tea.

Èric at tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea plantation Chiang Mai

tea pot plantation Chiang Mai


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