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Hokkaido, a food paradise

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Japan is one of the countries with an extreme variety of food. Eating in Japan is a paradise for the palates and in our case it was not an experience. Moreover, Hokkaido, a food paradise, is world-known for many things related to food and drinks! It is super known for Ramen, for running sushi, having one of the biggest fish markets in Japan, for beer since it's home to Sapporo beer, some of the most exported beers in the world and also for other things that are local to Hokkaido such as a chicken curry soup or Butadon (bowl of rice topped with pork simmered in a mildly sweet sauce).

After being one week here we enjoyed the food paradise and I think we're now spoiled for the rest of the 6 months haha. Moreover, it is very cheap. You basically get the best Ramen we have ever tried (yes including the most famous place in Paris, Barcelona and Munich in which you have to queue for 1h) for only 950 yen which is about 6€!!! and this is the regular portion, which is huge. In the countries that I mentioned the same costs between 12 and 18€ :/. This was the Ramen Santōka from Asahikawa. It's just next level ramen!

Ramen at Asahikawa by two travelling

For the sushi you get super quality fish with many varieties of row fish, including the tasty blue fin tuna. We couldn't eat more sushi and the price was of 24€ for two people.... which is unimaginable in Europe... We tried two in Sapporo and the two were really good! Shikihanamaru Tokeidai and Katsuissen:

Trixi and Èric enjoying sushi at Sapporo's best restaurant

And even the local food was very tasty, economical and really good for the colder days typical from Hokkaido. This local chicken curry soup and the Butadon mentioned above were really nice examples of such local dishes

Hokkaido curry soup seen from above

Hokkaido's famous Butadon seen from above


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2 comentarios

Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
11 oct 2023

Fa molt bona pinta. A més a més, tot net i amb coberts. Amazing!

Me gusta
13 oct 2023
Contestando a

Sí és tot boníssim i tot ordenadet perfectament haha! Thanks

Me gusta
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