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Exploring the most famous street art pieces in Penang

Updated: Feb 2

We have spent one full day exploring the most famous street art places in Penang. That’s why we thought it was worth it to do a dedicated post where you can enjoy all the different street art pieces that we found in a gallery. For more details on things to do in Penang you can check our summary post on what to do in one week in Penang (in this post).

You can ask us where the different street art spots are in Penang using the chat and leaving your email or subscribing at the end of this page. You can also check this map to be able to explore all the places by yourself once you arrive to Georgetown. In many hotels, they actually offer such a map when you check-in. It’s quite a nice feeling to be able to explore the city with an old-style map instead of using google maps.

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