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Experiencing Tokyo's unique Udon cooking class

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Visiting Tokyo was always been on our bucket list. From the bustling streets to the serene temples, every part of this city has a story to tell. See this post for more details! However, what truly left an experience on our journey was the incredible Tokyo's unique Udon cooking class we attended.

Èric from Two Travelling at an Udon's cooking class in Tokyo

It was the afternoon of a sunny day when we enrolled in a cooking class to master the art of noodle making. We were supposed to be with other participants but they didn't find the location and were arriving late so at the end we enjoyed a private class taking place inside a traditional Japanese house that was more than 1000 years old.

What struck us the most was the personal touch she added to the class. She took the time to handwrite each of our names in Kanji and even inquired about my journey in learning the Japanese language.

Trixi cooking udons

The class was supposed to come to an end at 7:30 pm, but our culinary adventure was far from over. Engrossed in conversations about diverse topics such as the difference between shrines and temples, we found ourselves still immersed in the joy of cooking until 9:30 pm. Moreover, our teacher (Sensei) was generously inviting us to traditional sake while speaking about these topics ^^

Èric cooking udons

Our instructor surprised us with a thoughtful gift—a cooking pan to recreate the flavors of Tamago in our own kitchens. Before saying goodbye, we playfully proposed the idea of a cooking exchange. "How about you teach us the art of making okonomiyaki, and we'll introduce you to the wonders of Spanish potato omelets?" we exclaimed.

With a chuckle and a shared sense of excitement, we agreed to meet again the following Monday. This unique cultural exchange was a really wonderful experience. She was very happy that we could talk some words in Japanese and was asking us where we learned it.

These kind of cultural exchanges with locals are one of the things that makes this long trip amazing and that will remain in our memories and in our kitchen!

In conclusion, we would recommend this cooking class to anyone visiting Tokyo. It's not just about the culinary skills you acquire; it's the immersive cultural experience and the awesome connections that make it truly memorable.



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Oct 19, 2023

Una bona experiencia

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