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Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai, Thailand

Updated: Jan 26

We've been at the elephant nature park and would recommend anyone to visit that with an organized tour or by yourself if you have a car or a motorbike. This park is beautiful with 122 elephants, many buffaloes and also stray dogs and cats. All of the animals have been rescued from bad conditions (such as stepping on land mines or having to work in circus, etc.) and they take care of them with the help of volunteers and with the price of the entry. The entrance fee is 2500 THB (65€) per person including transport from Chiang Mai, a vegan lunch, a guide and water. The transport from Chiang Mai takes 1.5h and it includes the pick up directly from your hotel early in the morning.

You get to learn so much about the elephants. They have an elephant kitchen with their favorite food. And an elephant eats about 150kg of food a day! Which translates into such a kitchen:

You also get to see them from very close but without riding on them and touching them. However, the elephants are very sensitive animals and sometimes they are also very curious. So it can be that they will try to reach you with their trunk. It happened to us and it's very interesting. It's actually a little bit spiky because of their hair at the trunk. You get to see them from really close by.

Èric and Trixi with 3 elephants

three real elephants smiling close up

two real elephants smiling close up

Also, there is a river at the park from which you can see how they bath together with the other animals such as the buffaloes.

Four elephants bathing

Four elephants bathing

Elephant bathing on river with water slo mo

Elephants and buffalos in Thailand

After going to the river they usually throw sand at their body to protect from sand band. With a nice camera with a high shutter speed you can get beautiful pictures:

Elephant Thailand pouring sand on itself

three elephants thailand

We hope you liked this post! We were in love with the elephants after such a day!

Elephant eating Thailand

We hope you enjoyed this post about Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai, Thailand


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02 déc. 2023

Que guapo (Toni Lluch)

03 déc. 2023
En réponse à

sí! Ens va encantar ser tan a prop però respectant els animals. Un paradís per a fer fotos d'aprop

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