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El Nido to Coron Boat Expedition: Buhay Isla 4 Days 3 Nights | New Year's Eve 2024

Updated: Jan 26

We have been in El Nido for one day waiting to get to a boat expedition during 4 days and 3 nights. El Nido itself is a small city with two nice beaches and beautiful rock formations. There are many things available to do from El Nido, like the day tours that go to some of the islands close to El Nido. However, since we were doing the 4 days, 3 nights tour, we decided to skip these day tours.

Here you can see the highlights (see detailed name of the places of the video below) of all the places we have been during our 4 Days 3 Nights expedition during the New Year's Eve.

The places are really beautiful both outside and inside the water and we would recommend everyone doing this tour with Buhay Isla. They don't pay me anything to say that but it was a really good tour!

Also the party for New Year's eve was really great. We partied together with another group that was doing the tour from Coron to El Nido. I know it's a long video but there was really a lot to see in 4 days :D

After researching for quite some time we found out that the Buhay Isla tour was really good and everyone gave super nice reviews. After doing the tour we saw that this had a very big reason. The 4 days have been some of the best days of our 6 months trip. People from the crew and the guests were really cool and we even ended up meeting again all together in Coron city for a Karaoke night ^^

Here you can see the details on what we did each day in El Nido to Coron boat expedition with Buhay Isla for 4 Days 3 Nights

drone view of a boat

Day 1

  • Pasandigan Cove

Our first stop during the expedition was a visit to a water cave where you could enter and swim inside the cave formation. It was pretty cool and beautiful and it was close to the beach you see in this picture.

drone view

sea cave view

  • Bukal Island

This was the second and last stop of the first day before heading to the base camp were we would celebrate the New Year's Eve. The water of this stop was also beautiful and it was the first time on the trip that we saw this water with the nice rock formations.

drone view turquoise beach

  • Celebrate New Year's Eve at the camp

We celebrated New Year's Eve at the base camp and it was really fun! We joined together with another group and we danced together with the local village from the island. They were dancing really well no matter their age. We also had a suckling pig as a surprise for dinner and the food was really tasty.

Finally we had fireworks and a fire show spectacle that was very cool to end up the night ^^

2024 welcoming party

happy new year with fruits

amazing food

The crew was really awesome and they even let me drive the boat for about 2h during our trip ^^

Èric driving the expedition boat

Day 2

  • Cobra Island

This island got its name because of the "Cobra" shape as seen from above. It was cool to be able to fly the drone here and see the shape of it from the air ^^ even though, I still don't see the Cobra resemblance :D

Cobra island from above

  • Cagdanao Island

This island was maybe one of the most beautiful ones but Èric was not feeling well with fever, so he didn't do snorkel or play volleyball here. Most of the people were doing that and they had lots of fun. So we went for a walk and looked at the beautiful colorful waters and the people playing volleyball.

turquoise water

  • Bulawit village

This is a small village in one of the islands between El Nido and Coron where we stopped to play some basketball. Trixi was really enjoying playing basketball, despite being almost baked by the Philippinean heat.

  • Turtle watching

Close to the village, there was a place where you could see turtles. I was lucky enough to see two big turtles that you can also see in the video of youtube above.

huge turtle

The second night we slept at the same base camp as the first one and we learned how to cut fruit to make beautiful shapes

I love Trixi with fruits

Day 3

  • Cliff Jumping

This was fun but Èric had a cold and a huge bruise so we decided to skip it this time! However, you can see some of the people of our tour jumping from 7m height in the youtube video above! I think it was really fun. Some of them even did backflips from that height!

jump from a cliff

  • Inapupuan Island

This island was very beautiful as well and a nice place for snorkeling!

turquoise beach

  • Aravv Beach

This beach was really beautiful as well, with turquoise water and a paradise of snorkeling. Moreover, this dog went swimming from the beach to our ship to get some food! It was pretty amazing to see a dog swimming so well and climbing up a ship! Nonoy, our captain, helped him go down the water ^^

dog swimming at the sea

dog saved

This was the most beautiful place for snorkeling and you can see the diversity of coral and fishes in the youtube video above. But we leave you here with two nice shots ^^

underwater coral


  • Sleeping at another base camp with beautiful cottages

Èric glamping

Day 4

  • Bacotavv village

Then we went to a village that was mostly living out of fishing and they didn't have lots of possibilities to get carbs. As the New Year's (Christmas) trip, part of our trip expenses was destined to give food (mostly rice and pasta) to the people of the village. Everyone of us could help give the portions of food to each of the families. Of course, everything was already prepared, so it was a bit "artificial" but it was at the same time nice to see the people to whom the donation went.

Squid fish
people in an island in the Philippines
Group photo expedition
Trixi giving food to the Philippines
  • Ditaytayan Sand Bar

This was one of the most beautiful sandbanks but of course, people knew it as well. And since it's close to Coron, we arrived at the same time as the day tours, so you can see quite a lot of boats there as well ^^ but it was fine, since it's not a small island and the life underwater was also very beautiful here.

drone view of beautiful island

  • Skeleton Shipwreck

Our last stop was close to Coron and it was a shipwreck that you could see snorkeling and free diving as you can see at the end of the video!



Bernat Lluch
Bernat Lluch
Jan 10

Tot plegat fa plantejar-se fins quin punt els paradisos són paradisos i fins quin punt ho son vitalment 🤔

Jan 17
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Quanta raó haha el que mola és que tots aquests llocs són molt bonics

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