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Day trip to Himeji castle and Koko-en garden

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

A day trip to Himeji castle and Koko-en garden is worth it since it's the biggest and most famous castle of Japan and it's just 50 minutes away from Kyoto with the Shinkansen.

Himeji castle

The castle is very special since it's very white and it's surrounded by beautiful gardens, including the Koko-en garden.

Koko-en garden

Koko-en garden waterfall

Èric at Koko-en garden

Inside the castle is not really much to see but you can go to the top of the building and see the views of the garden from above. The combined ticket with the garden and the castle is 1050 and with the castle alone 1000 so it's worth it to have the combined ticket in our opinion.

We found the garden to be as spectacular as the castle, at least during the high season of autumn. The place is full of Sakura trees (cherry blossom) so it's probably very beautiful during that season as well.



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