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Best international SIM cards for South East Asia

As we said in the post about 10 tips to save during a world travel, we would like to give you the referral links for some of what we found to be the best options when traveling around Asia for longer periods of time between different countries.

Obtaining a different SIM card in each of the different countries is tiring. Moreover, it is sometimes more expensive when roaming between countries. In Singapore there are good deals of 100 GB for 15 SGD in the city but roaming allows for 1 or 2 GB in 30 days which is a pretty little amount of data in 2023. Instead, the options of taking an eSIM are quite worth it (paying 24 USD for 20 GB for 45 days in more than 45 countries in South East Asia, including the most expensive ones such as Japan, is pretty useful if you’re visiting the countries included in the list). For this we recommend using Nomad eSIMs. Moreover, there is a nice provider (Airelo) that gets you an eSIM that works worldwide in 130 countries with calls, SMS and internet (20GB) included for 1 year for 70€. Both SIM cards basically cover all the countries we will be visiting.

Referral code for Nomad (20 GB for 45 days) to obtain a 3 USD voucher: ERIC22AZ

Referral link for Airelo (2 GB + 120 min calls for 1 year) to obtain a 3 USD voucher: ERIC7126



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