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Best combo credit cards for travellers in 2023

In the post about the best payment methods in 2023 for travellers we mentioned that combining different cards is one of the best options.

As of 2023 you can get 3% on each of the transactions you do with the Plutus card up to 250€. This limit increases to 2000€ if you pay 5€ a month and it increases to 14000€ if you pay 15€ a month. The point is that you don’t only increase the amount on which you earn the 3% but you also increase the number of perks (2 perk for 5€ and 3 perks for 15€). A perk is basically a shop that you choose such as your supermarket, (Aldi, Lidl, Rewe) or your monthly subscriptions (Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Curve, Booking) and whenever you spend up to 10€ on them you will get a cashback of 100% on the first 10€ spent. So basically, you recover the price of the monthly subscription of Plutus. So if you spend more than 2000€ a month with your credit card we would recommend you the 15€ plan but otherwise the 5€ plan is enough for most of the people in our opinion.

The only drawback of the Plutus card that we see at the moment is that when you travel you need to pay 2.5% of fees. However, and here comes the cool part about the combo, there is a debit card from Curve that is made exactly to avoid fees abroad.

Curve is a debit card and an App in which you can combine all the cards you own into one card and then deciding to pay with one or the other card depending on your preference. Curve has also subscription options that will allow you to spend more money without paying commissions abroad. The 10€ subscription plan gives you a travel insurance that covers cancellations, lost of items, etc. and it offers to spend up to 4000€ a month abroad without commissions. The nice thing and that’s why it’s the ultimate combo is that you can put this 10€ subscription as one of the perks of Plutus so you get the 10€ back.

As a summary, when you combine both cards you get the best of both and you get 3% of money back on everything you buy with your card while not having commissions on up to 2000€ or 14000€ depending on the plan you prefer.

Here you can find my referral link for Curve to obtain 5€ when you open an account

And here you can find my referral link for Plutus to obtain 10€ when you open an account



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