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10 Essential tips for travelling as a couple

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Travelling with your partner can be amazing but many people say travelling together can make or break a relationship, and this is said for a reason. You say it for a good reason.

When you have to spend 24 hours with the same person all day, you see each other’s best and worst sides. You need to learn how to handle sharing space and dealing with each other's quirks. If you can't, it could harm your relationship. Interestingly, most travelers around the world travel with their partners rather than alone.

So, if you want your relationship to thrive while traveling together, you can follow some simple tips to build respect, understanding, teamwork, and make great memories for tough times. At Two Travelling we want to tell you 10 essential tips for travelling as a couple, especially for long travels such as a sabbatical or a world travel

Èric and Trixi looking at each other at a temple in Bali as part of a Two Travelling trip as a couple

1. Understand Each Other's Preferences

It's important to talk about what you both like when you travel. Some people like to plan everything, while others prefer to go with the flow. Maybe one person enjoys the beach, while the other likes exploring cities. It's essential to find a balance and be flexible. If you understand each other's likes and dislikes, you can plan a trip that suits both of you, and it'll be more enjoyable. In our case we are both planners but Trixi planning abilities are next level and Èric is more used to take action, so combining both is very useful.

2. Allow Personal Time

Even when you're traveling together, it's okay to have some time to yourself. Sometimes, you might want to read a book, take a nap, or visit a place your partner isn't interested in. Taking breaks from each other can make your time together more special. You can appreciate each other more when you reunite after a little "me time." Or even what we call me-we time, which is me time while being together at the same place and maybe commenting what both of us have learned.

Coffee and a Laptop on a wooden table

3. Interact with Others

Don't be afraid to meet new people while traveling. You'll be surprised at how many friendly people you can encounter. Whether they're other travelers or locals, making friends can add extra joy to your journey. These friendships can become lasting connections, and it's nice to have friends who understand your travel experiences. We've met people in each of the countries we've been, Singapore, Indonesia, and it's always fun to talk to them. Once we also met a couple who were travelling for 6 months and it was great to know tips from them as well ^^

4. Create Romantic Moments

Traveling is an opportunity to add some romance to your relationship. You can plan special moments like a romantic dinner on the beach or a quiet conversation under the stars. These moments can bring you closer and create beautiful memories together. It's important to keep these romantic moments to keep the spark in the relation. We would actually recommend to do this even without travelling, having a night day once a week!

5. Have fun with Teamwork

Think of your travel adventure as a team effort. Whether it's navigating a new city or facing challenges together, teamwork is vital. Activities that require cooperation, like hiking or adventure sports, can help you learn each other's strengths and make your bond stronger. Or for example finding alternatives solutions together when things go wrong such as the flight that we had just cancelled today. Two minds are better than one ;)

Many hands of different people joining forces together

6. Manage Frustration

Traveling can be tiring, and frustrations may arise. When you're tired or annoyed, it's better to take a break rather than argue. Sometimes, taking some time alone or doing something relaxing can help you both calm down. Arguments can be avoided if you manage frustration wisely. In our case, letting some time go and thinking about the frustrations for a while and then talking once the moment has passed helps a lot but that always depends on how each of you is.

7. Prioritize Fun

Travel is an opportunity to have fun and make memories. Laugh at the silly things that happen and enjoy each moment, whether it's good or bad. Cherishing these moments will make your relationship stronger, and you'll carry that carefree spirit back home with you.

8. Discuss Destination Preferences

It's essential to talk about where you want to go. Find out each other's dream destinations and see if you can choose places that make both of you happy. Compromising on your travel destinations can lead to exciting adventures and memorable experiences.

9. Budget Together

Money matters can sometimes lead to arguments, so it's important to discuss your travel budget. Decide how much you're comfortable spending and be honest about it. You can either share expenses or keep track separately, but it's crucial to have clear expectations to avoid misunderstandings. You can check our budget tips for more on the topic.

10. Discover New Experiences

Try new things together while traveling. These new experiences can be exciting and create lasting memories. Maybe one of you has a favorite activity to introduce to the other. Exploring new horizons as a couple can be truly wonderful. Also, use the trip to learn things! Trixi is learning photography and painting, while Èric is focusing on Blogging and Youtube.

Traveling as a couple can be a remarkable adventure filled with shared experiences and lasting memories. By understanding each other's preferences, allowing for personal time, and thinking the trip as dream teamwork, you can create a journey that strengthens your relationship and brings you closer together. For Trixi and Èric, we've been following these steps to make the most of our sabbatical, and it's been a resounding success so far. So, whether you're planning a sabbatical or a weekend getaway, remember that traveling as a couple is an opportunity to grow together, explore the world, and fall in love over and over again ^^



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