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Èric appeared in the Japanese TV

Learning Japanese via Duolingo and a little bit of italki for the 6 weeks in Japan has been already worth it. Locals appreciate it a lot when you learn their language and are interested about their culture. Thanks to this we had very nice experiences with local people doing pottery, the teacher of the cooking class and this week even with the Japanese TV of the Roku Channel in Japan (you can see the video at the end of this page). They happened to be at Nagano at the same time we were there and they talked to Èric in Japanese to ask a couple of things such as why we were visiting Japan, where were we coming from and whether we liked the color of the autumn (kōyō) was worth it. The place was in Nagano, within the national park described in this post.

The result was Èric appearing on TV. Here you can see how it was filmed ^^. It was a funny experience part of our trip :D


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